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Topical DHT vs the penis pill!

Andractim Vs. Penis Enlargement Pills - Which Is Better And Why!

You may wondering which way you should go when comparing Andractim DHT gel with penis enlargement pills. And even what concerns if any you should have too. Well to get your answer you need to understand how each differs and what they actually do for you. They are both effective for penis enlargement, but in very different ways. So let's take a look at what each does and how they differ from each other.

Penis Enlargement Pills Are Herbal And Increase Blood Flow To The Penis But By Themselves Do Not Cause Actual Penile Growth

With penis enlargement pills, the mode of action is increased blood flow into the penis but not actual penile tissue growth. The increased blood flow can give you harder and slightly bigger erections as long as you keep taking them. They also can increase libido. Penis pills are also good for helping recovery with exercises or an extender because all the fresh blood helps heal the penile tissue.

Penis enlargement pills are completely herbal and considered very safe to use. They are not a hormone. However the exception to that are those with Yohimbe which some men may not react well to. And the Extenze brand which contains DHEA which is sort of a very mild over the counter hormone but generally weak and safe to use.

Andractim Is A Hormone And Stimulates Actual Penile Growth

Andractim DHT gel is an actual hormone. Similar to how Testosterone or HGH are hormones. Because it is a hormone it requires more serious consideration from you on whether or not to use it. Generally it is considered safe if used properly. Your doctor can prescribe it to you or it can be bought online. DHT gel is being used by doctors right now to help men with Micropenis syndrome get new penile growth.

Andractim is powerful. Within a short time of use your penis tissue Androgen Receptors are activated by the DHT and spurring penis growth. You can almost feel it. And as a bonus your libido is going to explode. It's unbelievable. Now, even using DHT you still must use traction (an extender or exercises). The ligaments and Tunica must have traction applied. But the DHT in conjunction with traction is the best penis enlargement system currently available bar none.

Now as far as adverse side effects topical DHT is good. For one, unlike Testosterone, it will not convert into Estrogen in your body. You see, Testosterone is the hormone that converts into both Estrogen and into DHT. And too much Estrogen can lead to man boobs as many bodybuilders discover. With DHT this will not happen. In fact, Andractim is used to treat man boobs. Using DHT instead of Testosterone bypasses all the dangers of Testosterone and gets the good stuff directly to your penis.

Also, unlike Testosterone topical DHT does not cause a hard shutdown of the libido. With Testosterone continued use shuts down the bodies own production of testosterone and Luteinizing Hormone. Bodybuilders who experience this sometimes have a hard time recovering and have to take more drugs to try and correct the situation (Clomid, anti-estrogens). But with Andractim these types of issues are not as problematic. And when used in short cycles for penis growth there is no problems with shutdown.

In summery, penis pills are non-hormonal and increase blood flow into the penis but do not cause actual growth. They are helpful to use along with other methods. DHT is the hormone that causes sexual growth in adolescence and can be used by adults to spur new penile growth. It works incredibly well when combined with traction form extenders or exercises. So which should you use? Well if the idea of using a hormone bothers you go with penis pills. If you want maximum growth potential and are not bothered by using a topical hormone definitely go with Andractim. And if money is not a problem for you use both!



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