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How the topical testosterone Androgel may help increase penis size!

Using Androgel To Help Increase Your Penis Size? You Should Be Using Andractim Gel Instead!

Many men search for something to add an extra push to their penis enlargement program results, and using Androgel to increase penis size faster may be one possible answer.

Androgel is a topical testosterone gel. It is simply applied to the skin and the testosterone is absorbed into the body through the skin. This leads to an increase in total testosterone.

Transdermal testosterone is typically used by men with low testosterone to raise their levels back to a functional state. This will often bring increased sex drive and erection strength. But what about using it for the sole purpose of increasing penis size by augmenting your penis enlargement recovery?

It may have some use. Not from the testosterone itself, but the metabolite it creates called DHT. This powerful form of testosterone gives men their male characteristics, such as beard, body hair, etc. It is also involved in forming the penile tissues.

All tissues in the body, including the penis, are continuously regenerating themselves throughout life. It makes sense that DHT continues to be a part of that process. And if you boost DHT at the right time, say during your penis enlargement program, you will enhance your efforts to increase penis size.

You can use Androgel to get this effect, some will turn into DHT. But you could also use DHT gel such as Andractim and get the real thing directly. DHT is over three times stonger than testosterone and directly related to penis growth and development. Another advantage Andractim has over Androgel is that DHT doesn't increase estrogen, while testosterone does convert to estrogen (as well as DHT) causing problems for some men.

Something to keep in mind is that your body always finds a way to adapt. When applying DHT topically, at first there will be a surge in growth and libido. But the androgen receptors will eventually down regulate as your body attempts to regain balance or homeostasis.

When this happens less DHT can be utilized by your penile tissues. So you must cycle topical DHT use. A few weeks on, then a few weeks off. You will have to experiment to find what Andractim cycle is best for you to increase penis size.

Use Andractim Gel To Grow Real Penile Tissue!


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