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   Try this experiment to see how much bigger your penis can be!

Try this bigger penis experiment to see how much bigger your penis could be!

Sometimes it can be hard to believe how a bigger penis will change your look even with modest gains. But the truth is, even small increases in size can have a dramatic bigger penis effect!

Try this bigger penis experiment to see what we mean.

The Bigger Penis Experiment:

You will need two pieces of paper, some scissors, Scotch tape, a ruler and some string or clothe measuring tape.

Use a ruler to measure your hard visible penis length over the top -- do not push the ruler into your body for this measurement. Don't cheat and make the measurement bigger than it really is!

Next use a cloth tape measure to get your erect girth. You can also wrap a string around your penis and then measure the length of the string to get girth measurement.

When you have both measurements, cut the paper to these dimensions, fold it into a tube and tape. This is your current penis size.

Now add two inches to length and an inch to girth and cut the second paper. Fold and tape - this could be your bigger penis a few weeks from now!

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