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 Get more penile growth with topical DHT.

Why Your Penile Exercise System Will Have More Effective Results By Adding Topical DHT Gel!

It sometimes seems like all males want to discover a penile exercise to make their penis bigger, you know more man-sized. Get this. A bigger penis size is desired even by men who are already big! And with porn stars with mutant huge penis sizes to compare yourself with, it's no wonder we wish were packing a little more in our pants.

However, when you use even the best penis exercise system alone you may be shorting yourself some extra size gains. Even though penile exercises do work well, it can still be difficult to gain the most penis size possible dispite what a lot of penis enlargement gurus would have you believe. Penile tissue is much more resistant to growing when you reach adulthood.

But there is a simple solution that will make your penis grow like it did when you were going through puberty. That solution is Andractim topical DHT. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a derivative of testosterone that is responsible for male sexual development. And so it's DHTthat makes your body hair grow, your whiskers grow and is responsible for penile development!

During puberty DHT induces the penis to mature to adult size, but then the process stops. You will create more penile growth by topically adding DHT to your penis. Blend DHT with your exercises and you have all the bases covered to increase penis growth. That is a penis growth solution that encompasses both the hormonal and the tissue traction angles of penis growth.

One thing to keep in mind when using topical DHT in your enlargement routine is to take periodic breaks. This is because the penile tissues will after time down regulate androgen receptors in response to the excess DHT. So some time off permits the penis tissues to get back to to a natural state. A possible DHT schedule might be using DHT for two months and then take one month off.

Now, with persistency and patience, a good penis exercise regimen will result in great gains in penis size. Just about all human tissue may be stretched by utilizing the principles of traction, and that includes the penis. But to obtain the most out of your penis exercises, you really should seek a bit of hormonal assistance in the form of Andractim gel.




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