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Penis Extender Testimonials From Satisfied Users!


I've been using the Extender for about a year and half now and am very happy with the results. I've gained about 3/4 of an inch and continue to see gains. Granted it takes time, but the results do come. I'm having the best sex of my life thanks in large part to the Extender and my increased length. I guess it has translated into more confidence for me. The customer support is top notch along with the quality of this product. Thanks! Rob

The gains are going good. I have been traveling for the last 30 days and lost some time of use and parts during this time. Prior to that for the first 90 days I wore it religousily but had the time set aside. I gained about 1" and fuller hang, during this time. I am able to use the extender around the max tension most of the 12 hour day. I use it every day but my work schedule is busy right now so I am only getting a few hours a day in. I plan to get back to the 12 hour day. Thanks for the response TW

I have been using your product for a while now and have added 3 inches in length, nearing 8 inches.  I have a question, I had large girth before using your product, but as my length has increased using your product, my girth has additionally increased.  It has become very dificult to pull my penis into the base of the jes-extender, as my penis is wider than the hole in the base.  And getting it off is even worse, at this point it gets stuck.  (You better not be laughing).  Do you make a jes-extender with a larger base for larger girth men?  Please let me know.  Thank you. TS.

When I was 17 the right base of my penis grew more than the left base causing it to hang to the left in the flacid state. It was uncomfotable and depressed me for 2.5 years. I hated it and considered surgery for a week but decided that was too extreme. After a year of trying various methods and searching, I found your website. I ordered your product immediately and wore it for 6 hours every day for 3 months.

I stopped after 3 months because the jes extender had caused the base of my penis to grow enough to balance out both sides causing it to be straight. I now have a penis that is perfectly straight in both the flacid and erect state. That is exactly what I wanted and I thank you for allowing me to accomplish this goal. The jes extender is a fabulous product and I am lucky to have found it, because I am now a very comfortable man. K.B.

It took a lot of thought on my part to decide to buy your product. I was skeptical of the price, but the more I thought about the concept of the Jes-Extender, the results you all claim, and the apparent great customer service, I took the plunge so to speak.

Well, after having administered the extender for about a month and a week, having worn the device on average about six hours a day and concentrating on keeping up the pressure (i.e. withstanding the initial then periodic pain and pushing myself to take more pressure as soon as possible), I have definitely seen some results.

I was about 8 inches prior to using the device, and now, I would say I have gained about .25 inch. If one does the math, according to the website's size calculations tool, this increase is roughly on par with your company's predicted gains. I am also happy to report I have just affixed the final two long cylinders, and I am now comfortably wearing all four of the long cylinders and two half cylinders that came with the initial kit. There are no more cylinders left! Time to reorder!

I bought the Extender from you about 8 months ago (and
notice that you felt able to quote, in your recommendations, my very
satisfied e-mail response at the time!). Any doubts I had at the time concerning the expense have been dispelled by (a) the quality of the product, (b) the professionalism of your firm, and especially (c) the results so far!

Your 'gains chart' is based on the ultimate usage of 12 hours a day, 7
days a week. I haven't managed this, my average being at best 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Even so, I have recorded an (erect) increase of 3.5cm. from 17.5cm eight months ago to 21cm. today.

I have been so impressed by this that I have strongly recommended the Fast Size Extender to a number of other people who have enquired via web-site contacts. Adam

Thank you very much. I will keep you up to date on size gains and how the straps work. Like I said before, in 3 months I have gone from 6.25" to 6.75" so I know that your product does indeed work as you say it does. All in all, you guys make a great product and I am
glad I stumbled upon your site. Feel free to use any of this nformation under testiomials if you wish. Thanks again. -Kevin

Hello again.

First I would like to say that I am very pleased with the quick service that you provide to me. It is very comforting to know that you are not merely selling your product, but that you are very helpful even after you have sold it. Thank you for the good advice in response to my questions. I look forward to trying the new tubes. By the way, is there a charge for the silicone tubes? Either way please inform me of this issue. Again thank you for the great support. I am currently attempting to educate some of my male colleagues about the product. Hopefully I can get some more orders for you guys. -We will see! Sincerely BD

I was amazed at the compact size and overall quality of the product. As an engineer, I am prone to being very fussy about quality, I had nothing to fear with the quality of my new Jes-Extender. The level of engineering was well up to standard.

As you are aware, from my numerous e-mails to your office, I was cautious about the price of the Jes-Extender. Although I still believe the price to be on the high side, I am pleased to see that I have indeed received value for my money. You can be proud of the engineering design and quality of production, found in this device.

I have been wearing the device for the past 3 hours, my first time of wearing it, it's so comfortable that I hardly know it's there. There is a slight pull one can feel, which I have to say is not at all unpleasant.
My congratulations on a well designed product. I'm pleased I ecided to go ahead with my purchase. My thanks once again Phil/USA

I received the extender about 3 weeks ago. The silicone strap has softened enough not to hold in the grooves. Is this covered under warranty? or do I need to order a couple of the straps? Thank you. P.S. I have received close to 2 CM growth so far. I am excited what 2 or 3 months might do. I have Peyronies , most of the curvature has straighten out-----what a deal. RH, USA

I ordered and have been wearing the Extender since January 24/99. I am sure you will like this one! In the 17 days that I have had the device, I have only been able to wear it 54.5 hours (because of the above problems). Some days I have not worn it at all because the head of the penis is sore from previous wearing. However, there is a DRAMATIC size difference. In flaccid state, there has been an increase of 4.5 - 5.0 cm which does not diminish. In addition, there has been an increase in girth about equal to girth when erect before starting your treatment. This does not go away and is not swelling. I am keeping very detailed records on an electronic spread sheet, with daily notes. I would appreciate your feedback and advice as soon as possible. I started using the Extender on Jan. 24/99, today is Mar. 25/99



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